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Emblemata are Italian professionals of Mosaic Art, based in London, committed to creating unique and high quality pieces.

The company founders Anna Mocchetti and Flaviano Politanò, both mosaicists and talented technicians, began collaborating at Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli in the early 2000s united by shared love for craftsmanship.

They are pleased to offers their expertise for any kind of intervention concerning mosaic, from consultation and design, to fabrication, installation, restoration and maintenance.

Emblemata is specialized in bespoke hand cut mosaics as floor and wall covering, in on-site reconstruction and in exclusive artworks.

Their creations are strictly linked to matter that has its own intrinsic vitality, be it marble, pebbles, ceramic, glass, venetian enamel or gold.

The vibrant surfaces, dialogue between materials and various textures that can be achieved are evidence of timeless beauty of an ancient craft performed in traditional and innovative methods.

Collaborations with architects and designers and industry leading companies such as Bisazza, Sicis and Trend are the result of prestigious projects carried out in London and abroad, characterized by an impeccable attention to detail.